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Make better decisions with a search-based BI solution

The evolution of Business Intelligence (BI) from a simple operational reporting tool to a system of multi-dimensional analytical capabilities has fueled its widespread adoption as a mission-critical application. However, BI is facing significant financial and technical barriers to its future efficacy. BI solutions are often complex and difficult to adapt to the changing environment around them, which is both a drain on human and financial resources. The speed at which conventional BI tools deliver data to users can also hamper its effectiveness, as batch processes usually take snapshots of data to report on, with the potential to exclude real-time data in the process.

Utilizing a search-based Business Intelligence solution, the barriers can be hurdled in a manner that conventional BI tools cannot match. Our solution can index vast quantities of data and deliver it in real-time to decision makers, leading to accurate decision making.


  • Provide more real-time information
  • Harness new data channels
  • Provide unique insights to decision makers
  • Create custom dashboards to enhance your decision making process.

The components of our Business Intelligence Solution

At the core of our business intelligence solution is Elasticsearch, a powerful search engine that is designed to search and analyze data in real time. The engine is built on top of the Apache Lucene information retrieval library, which provides it with the robust features and high performance required to bring exceptional speed and intelligence to a business intelligence solution.

Elasticsearch can be used as an enhancement for existing Business Intelligence applications, or can be used to create search-based applications that take BI to the next level in your business. Greatly expand access to crucial company information while providing a fast and intuitive user experience.

To visualize your data assets, Kibana can seamlessly integrate with Elasticsearch, benefitting from the search engine’s powerful search and analytics capabilities. Kibana enables real-time summary and charting of streaming data with a flexible analytics and visualization platform, empowering your team members to make practical use of your company’s data collection. With Kibana and Elasticsearch, data can be analyzed intelligently, mathematical transformations can be applied, and data can be sliced & diced as you see fit.

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