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Change how you interact with information

Enterprise search provides a single point-of-access to all of the data repositories in your business, enabling your users to uncover hidden value and insights by conducting simple searches. Our enterprise search solutions are constructed around the concept of providing timely and accurate information to decision makers and are customized to suit your requirements.

Our enterprise search solution creates an aggregated view of your data silos, including email systems, databases, file systems, intranets and document management systems. We also provide intelligent navigational tools to help your users find the right information, with as little effort as possible.

Our solution enables your business to:

  • unlock the value of your data assets and uncover insights
  • combine unstructured and structured data sources
  • discover information through intuitive navigation
  • manage and retrieve information on a large scale
  • make faster decisions with accurate information
  • analyze data in real time

The components of our enterprise search solution

At the core of our enterprise search solutions is Elasticsearch, a powerful search engine that is designed to search and analyze data in real time. The engine is built on top of the Apache Lucene information retrieval library, which provides it with the robust features and high performance required to bring exceptional speed and intelligence to an enterprise search solution.

The solution provides the most powerful full-text search functionality available on the market, utilizing distributed capabilities on top of Apache Lucene. This functionality includes multilingual search, autocomplete, result snippets, contextual ‘did-you-mean’ suggestions and geolocations.

User interfaces can be customized to deliver a unique and intuitive search experience to your business users. Our front-end developers are able to incorporate the interface into your corporate identity, and expose all the features available from the search engine to give your users the easiest possible method to interact with information.

Our solution is horizontally scalable, allowing it to grow along with your business. Using a nodal framework, the system can add and utilize resources from other nodes as it becomes necessary, resulting in better performance and minimal effort from your infrastructure team.

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