Your Trusted Platform for Regulatory Compliance

Ever changing regulations imposed by legislators and governing bodies require broadcasters to demonstrate the highest standard of compliance. In just over a decade, logging has evolved from a narrow compliance role to offer monitoring and revenue generating capabilities for broadcasters, cable & satellite operators and OTT providers.

The robust and versatile LogServer platform has evolved to provide an extensive set of features that meet the demands of executives and engineers today. Compliant with your local regulations and providing applications across various departments, our solution offers the most reliable tools available.

Review, Search, Extract

The highly versatile LogServer platform provides seamless multi-­channel recording, review and live monitoring of video, audio and real-­time data sources from 4K/HD/SD IP, SDI, SMPTE2022-6, HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH and SmoothStreaming sources.

Mediaproxy’s leading edge desktop and mobile user interfaces provide seamless access to media via intuitive play controls as well as extensive meta data search, clip export and transcode to a wide range of formats. All across multiple distributed systems on any local or wide area network.

Accurate Caption Compliance

With many countries mandating closed caption and subtitle compliance and enforcing deviations through heavy penalties, having a reliable platform for verification and reporting has never been more important.

Mediaproxy provides extensive support for all current standards, including comprehensive decoding, reconstitution and extraction of CEA-608/708, Teletext, DVB Subtitle and SCTE-27.


Built-in integration with As-run, Traffic and Graphics logs

LogServer’s built-in integration with your automation data sources enables efficient search to quickly identify contents by program ID or name. Extract clips instantly to provide evidence of transmission or accuracy to advertising agencies and legislators.
  • Multi-format logging: Encode H.264 proxy media while recording native MPEG transport streams in parallel.
  • Comprehensive reports: Automated and on-demand generation of detailed compliance reports and user audits.
  • Program even data covered: Search and review EIT and EPG events seamless across multiple channels.

Additional Features:

  • Clip Export and Data Burn-in
    Powerful pipeline with built-in HDCAM, DVC{rp. H.264 and mobile formats transcoding. Complete export and burn-in workflows with publish to UNC, FTP and Catapult Servers.
  • Built-in Fingerprinting for Content Matching
    Easily match advertisements on other channels or find random contents in recorded media.
  • Manage user access centrally and securely
    Seamlessly integrates with identity providers and Active Directory
  • Multi-channel audio
    Comply with regulations for secondary audio programs, multiple languages and descriptive video.


Next Generation Monitoring Tools

Increased pressure to deliver broadcast contents across various linear and on demand platforms requires a versatile monitoring solution to maintain the highest level of quality of service and experience. Mediaproxy seamlessly unites access to all broadcast sources via its next generation IP applications to provide an advanced set of monitoring tools.

Software-based IP Multiviewer

Monwall is a unique hybrid multi-panel live streaming application that provides powerful solutions for monitoring of live streams from broadcast and OTT sources. Panels can be configured to display proxy and native MPEG channels including associated meta data. Custom layouts can easily be configured to suit different arrangements that can be viewed via a standard client PC.

Ideal for master control room applications, presentation areas, engineering offices, foyers and executives, Monwall offers a wide range of features to suit the respective environment.

  • Hybrid Layouts: Mix monitoring of various video, audio and meta data formats on one display, including SMPTE 2022-6.
  • Advanced Metadata Monitoring: Dedicated Loudness, Closed Caption, OTT and DVB Subtitle panels.
  • Event and Program Information: Accurate Present/Following event and EPG monitoring.

OTT Stream Monitoring

The number of linear and event-based live streaming broadcasts to mobile devices are rapidly increasing. LogServer provides seamless integration with OTT sources, offering broadcasters an easy to deploy solution for handling internet based streams via built-in recording, multi-channel review and confidence monitoring. With support for live HLS, RTMP, Dash and SmoothStreaming sources, both outgoing encoder and on-air CDN feeds can be recorded, monitored and analyzed in real-time using our comprehensive tools.

Monitor Digital Program Insertion Triggers

Mediaproxy applications include advanced detection, monitoring and reconciliation of SCTE-35/104 cue triggers and ad insertion messages to resolve on-air incidents effectively. Digital program insertion (DPI) allows headends and affiliates to insert commercials and short programs into contents before delivery to viewers. Events spliced into MPEG transport streams will be automatically detected and operators are notified in real-time.


Real-Time Broadcast Analysis

Identifying on-air incidents has become more critical than ever. Mediaproxy provides a comprehensive suite of software-based analysis applications to help you attend to on-air issues quickly and resolve them efficiently. Employing the latest user interface technologies, complex analysis tasks are made easy and seamless, including your mobile devices.

Transport Stream Analysis

In addition to live and file-based MPEG analysis, our unique platform offers decentralised real-time analysis to provide low bandwidth transport stream monitoring without requiring direct network access to multicast sources.

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Track and analyse all MPEG sections and tables
  • SCTE-35: SCTE-35 digital program insertion cue triggers and messages
  • ETSI TR 101 290: Monitor and analyse Priority 1, 2 and 3 events.

Content Matching

Mediaproxy’s versatile platform includes built-in video and audio fingerprinting technologies. Perform either advanced competitive advertisement tracking analysis or reconcile audio royalties, LogServer provides a flexible built-in solution for all your content matching requirements.

Viewer ratings integration

Seamless custom integration of external viewer rating data offer users to review, compare and analyze ratings data against contents on multiple channels concurrently via a single intuitive user interface.

Aircheck, introducing mobile analysis and monitoring

Aircheck is our next generation native iOS and Android mobile app providing an innovative way to monitor and analyze live broadcast transmissions, OTT streams and adapt multi-viewing applications.

Offering engineers and executives a new way to monitor transmission status without being tied to a system with direct access to the native network streams and sources, thus enabling them to act on incidents more productively.

Aircheck works in conjunction with Mediaproxy’s powerful LogServer software engine, which can be hosted locally on virtual machines or cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. The use of decentralized cloud deployments also provides efficient internal and external client access via cost-effective low bandwidth connections.

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