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About Knowledge Focus

Knowledge Focus has been rooted in the enterprise search environment for over 15 years, partnering up with the leading players in the search business to bring innovative solutions to the South African market.

  • Our company has innovative solutions for complex problems
  • Knowledge Focus offers superior search products
  • Our team is made up of expert search consultants
  • We take a hands-on approach to project management.

What we do

Knowledge Focus wants to change the way in which your business interacts with data. A key part of our mission is to unlock the information that businesses own, by providing them with the tools to operate more efficiently. We firmly believe that enterprise search, in-depth analytics and intuitive navigational tools can solve many of the problems experienced by organizations.

Our company has a culture of incubating big ideas and innovation, which our team members use to solve complex business problems. We have an in-depth knowledge of the technology that we use and the field that we operate in, so that we are equipped for any eventuality.

Our company has focused on enterprise search for more than 15 years, interacting with all the major role players in the business. We have worked with numerous search technologies on big projects, including Convera, FAST ESP, Oracle Endeca, Exalead CloudView, Solr, Google Search Appliances and Elasticsearch. Our vast experience with search technology enables us to apply the right technology solution to a specific problem.

All our solutions are primarily based on enterprise search and customized to fit specific problems. Our search consultants and solution architects dissect a business’ unique problems, requirements and infrastructure so that each solution is the perfect fit for the project.

Apart from enterprise search, Knowledge Focus has also worked on big media-focused projects, including compliance logging, media asset management (MAM), audio restoration and audio digitization.

The company has expanded into the online retail market, from which a new company, Netrobot (Pty) Ltd was formed. Netrobot owns two distinct online brands:

  • VIRE – an online catalogue focusing on business technology. This brand was created to focus on the specific needs of a business and the technology that a business will need to operate. This site has a unique value proposition that enables businesses to get quotes on hardware & software. Visit VIRE at

Knowledge Focus started hosting the Elastic SA Meetup group in 2017. These events are very popular in the South African Elastic community and has featured speakers from Standard Bank, Multichoice and the JSE. If you’d like to join the Elastic SA Meetup group or attend one of these events, please see the official Elastic SA Meetup page for more information.

Our Partners

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Elastic was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam by the people behind Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene. The company set forth to solve a plethora of data problems, merging with other well-known data analysis and visualisation companies that include Logstash, Kibana and Beats, to form the Elastic Stack of products. Knowledge Focus is an Advanced Go-To-Market partner of Elastic, implementing and supporting deployments of their products in South Africa. Learn more about Elastic on their website.