Beats - simple data shippers from Elastic

Beats is a lightweight data shipping platform that sends data from hundreds or thousands of machines to Logstash or Elasticsearch. Ship data from the source with lightweight shippers that are built to gather data. Sitting on your servers, these shippers centralize data in Elasticsearch or Logstash for transformation and parsing. Beats also has a library that enables you to build custom shippers to forward data, with a growing community of developers that are building shippers for various protocols.


Lightweight shipper for Logs. Filebeat gives your infrastructure a way to centralize logs and files from thousands of machines, reducing the need for SSH. Filebeat is robust enough to remember where it left off when it gets interrupted. It also uses backpressure-sensitive protocols to ensure that it doesn’t overload your Elasticsearch or Logstash deployments when data volumes are high. These deployments will let Filebeat know at what tempo to feed data when they are busy crunching data, and will resume original pace once processing capacity is freed up again. Integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Elastic Stack, meaning that you can ship your data to whichever component needs it most.


Collect metrics from your systems and services. From CPU to memory, Redis to Nginx, and much more, Metricbeat is a lightweight way to send system and service statistics. Metricbeat can be deployed on all hosts, ¬†connected to Elasticsearch, and deliver system-level CPU usage, memory, file system, disk IO and network IO statistics, as well as top-like statistics for each and every process running on your systems. Metricbeat has preconfigured internal modules that collects metrics from most common services, with easy installation and zero dependencies. Simply enable the modules that you need in the configuration file and get started. If you can’t find the modules that you’re looking for, simply build your own using Go.


Tap into your network traffic by using Packetbeat to tell you what data is being sent across your applications. Packetbeat is a lightweight network packet analyzer that sends data to Elasticsearch or Logstash. Packetbeat lets you monitor services and applications in real-time, letting you keep a pulse on protocols like HTTP and it’s influence on application latency, errors, response times, SLA performance, user access pattents and trends. Packetbeat lets you tap into this data and parse in real-time to understand how traffic is flowing through your network. Completely passive, zero overhead latency and doesn’t interfere with your infrastructure. Packetbeat supports many protocols, but can also be used to build pull requests for custom shippers.

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