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What good is Big Data without search?

Big Data can be considered as vast data sets that are too complex or large for conventional data processing tools & application to process. The exceptional growth of data available to your business can mean that business systems are overwhelmed by by the increased size of data warehouses and the speed at which it is used.

To make sense of Big Data, your business needs a solution that can scale along with the size & speed of the data, and provide you with real-time results. Effectively managing and having real-time access & intelligence over large internal data repositories allows you to exploit information that your organisation already own, unlocking the true value of your data and existing business ecosystem.

Our solution takes a search-based approach, with the capabilities to index large volumes of data and serve them to you in real-time. With that data at your disposal, your business can analyze and uncover hidden insights that are crucial to your business.


  • Have large volumes of data at your fingertips
  • Sub-second search queries and analytics across all your data sources
  • Uncover insights that are hidden in your internal data with customizable dashboards

The components of our Big Data solution

At the core of our big data solution is Elasticsearch, a powerful search engine that is designed to search and analyze data in real time. The engine is built on top of the Apache Lucene information retrieval library, which provides it with the robust features and high performance required to bring exceptional speed and intelligence to a big data solution.

Additionally, using the Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop connector (ES-Hadoop), real-time search can be implemented over your large Hadoop datasets. This enables the seamless flow of data between Elasticsearch and Hadoop, eliminating costly integration problems. Elasticsearch directly indexes the data in Hadoop, which puts all of the contained data at your disposal. ES-Hadoop natively integrates with Hadoop’s most popular components, such as Spark, Hive, Storm, MapReduce, Cascading and Pig. These components are then leveraged to enrich your search experience by enhancing machine learning and federating queries across large data stores.

The solution provides the most powerful full-text search functionality available on the market, utilizing distributed capabilities on top of Apache Lucene. This functionality includes multilingual search, autocomplete, result snippets, contextual ‘did-you-mean’ suggestions and geolocations. Our solution utilizes Kibana to visualize HDFS data in real-time, so that you can create customizable dashboards to navigate and explore your data with graphs, charts and maps.

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