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The logo of Elasticsearch, the enterprise search engine.

The next evolution of Elastic has landed.

Elastic has released version 5.0 of the Elastic Stack and it is available for your developers to download here. The aim of this major release is to unify all the products in the Elastic Stack, by aligning, testing and releasing them together as one version. This holistic approach of product release ensures a more integrated, better experience for Elastic product users.

The stack is comprised out of core open source Elastic components, featuring Kibana, Elasticsearch, Beats and LogStash. To compliment and enhance the functionality and quality of the open source stack, Elastic has released version 5.0 of X-Pack, which are a compilation of robust features that are built and maintained by Elastic engineers. The X-Pack pricing model is based on  subscription services and provides professional support and services to your Elastic implementation.

Here is a quick rundown of each of the major Elastic stack components

  • Open Source
    • Kibana: The key visualization and navigation tool of the Elastic stack. Give shape to your data and configure views to see the exact information that interests you
    • Elasticsearch: Lightning-fast search, logging and analytics engine that is easily scalable, reliable and easily managed
    • Beats: Lightweight data shipper designed to get your data from edge machines to Elasticsearch and Logstash
    • Logstash: A dynamic data collection pipeline with a rich, extensible plugin ecosystem and has perfect synergy with Elasticsearch
  • X-Pack
    • Security: Data protection across the Elastic stack (formerly known as Shield)
    • Alerting: Get notifications about changes in your data (formerly knows as Watcher)
    • Monitoring: Keep a pulse on the health of your stack (formerly Marvel)
    • Graph: Query and visualize meaninful relationships in your data
    • Reporting: Generate, schedule and email PDF reports

We are very excited to support our current customers with the roll-out of version 5.0, and to offer our search consultancy and implementation services to new customers who are interested in adding the new version of Elastic products to their fold. To get more information about what is possible with version 5.0, or if you want to schedule a search consultancy appointment, please fill in the form below to contact us.

For more detailed information on Elastic 5.0, please fill in the form below, or read the official blog post on the latest releases of Elastic.

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