Knowledge Focus is proud to announce that two of our senior Elastic consultants, Mark Billett and Neil Maderthaner have been officially certified as Elastic Engineers after conquering the Elastic Engineer examination earlier this month.

Mark and Neil have been working on Elastic projects for the past five years and on search projects in general for well over a decade. This certification confirms their experience, knowledge and skill with the Elastic Stack, and inspires confidence in any projects or implementations that they are attached to.

Our team continues to augment themselves with critical skills and certifications in order to fully master the tools that we use, and in turn, provide solutions of the highest possible quality. We are committed to growing along with the technology and skilling up our team to handle the constantly evolving open source technology world.

The Elastic Certified Engineer exam is a performance-based, hands-on test with real-world tasks that need to be solved in real time. According to the Elastic website, “an Elastic Certified Engineer possesses the skills and is able to perform the tasks necessary to build a complete Elasticsearch solution, including the ability to install, configure, and manage Elasticsearch clusters, index data into those clusters, and query and analyze the indexed data.”

Knowledge Focus is an official Elastic partner in South Africa and provides it’s customers with professional services and consultation on the Elastic Stack. As an official Elastic Partner Knowledge Focus are also able to facilitate the purchase of Elastic Subscriptions locally, which provide customers with additional Elastic features (previously known as X-Pack) and support services. We also strive to grow the official Elastic SA community through Meetups, seminars and conference events.

If you’d like to know more about Elastic certification, professional services or if you’d just like to have a chat about Elastic, please send an email to info@kfocus.co.za and we’ll get in touch with you.

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