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As many of you know, Elastic were in town and we hosted an event with them on 29 March 2017. There is a growing interest and adoption of the Elastic Stack in South Africa and we were very happy with the outcomes and attendance of the event this year. The feedback we received was very positive and we are hoping to run many more of these in the days to come.

Some of the highlights this year included:

The Standard Bank presentation: It is incredible what Standard Bank have achieved with the Elastic Stack in the last few years. They presented a number of use cases and detailed the journey they have taken to get where they are today which was a real highlight. Well done Standard Bank!

Christoph Wurm presented all the highlights from Elasticon this year which included a look into what’s new in Elastic and what is to come in the future. This included:

  • The new Filebeat modules
  • New visualisations
  • The new JAVA Rest client
  • Query, mapping and index optimisations
  • Cross-cluster search
  • The new Time Series Visual Builder coming in v5.4
  • Machine Learning coming in v5.4
  • Elasticsearch SQL coming in future release
  • Kibana Canvas coming in future release, and so much more

Christoph Wurm also took us on a deep dive into the new Machine Learning product being launched as part of X-Pack. This session took us deep as most people are willing to go into the world of understanding unsupervised Machine Learning, how it is implemented in the Elastic Stack and the use cases it aims to address.

Knowledge Focus then hosted a hands-on session to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to get up and running with Metrics Analytics using the Elastic Stack. The session involved attendees installing and configuring Metricbeat on their laptops and pushing the data into an Elastic Cloud instance. The results were immediately available in Kibana dashboards and we even had some time left for Christoph to demonstrate the Elastic Graph product using the metrics collected during the session.

I would recommend that anyone interested, browse the videos of the presentations from Elasticon 2017, which are available HERE. There is a lot of interesting content to soak up and the videos cover a lot of the ground we covered during the event.

Moving forward, we are looking to host a number of Elastic events and hopefully get a productive user community formed around the Elastic stack of products. The plan is to host quarterly mini-events to address specific topics and a main event once or twice a year, depending on interest. We will get direct Elastic involvement where possible and try to get customers who are interested in telling their Elastic stories involved too. One lucky customer who shares their story will stand a chance to win a free ticket to Elasticon 2018.

If you attended the Elastic event this year or registered for it then we have your details and will invite you to future events. Should you want to be added to the list, please fill out the form below.

Lastly, if anyone has an Elastic project or are planning one and would like to get in touch with us to discuss it, or bounce some ideas off us, please feel free to do so. Please click HERE for our contact details. We have a team on the ground itching to get their hands dirty on new projects 🙂

Cheers for now,

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