oculavis SHARE

Remote Collaboration for the Industry with oculavis SHARE

“There is no place like home! Why travel the world for service?“ Hundreds of thousands of service technicians, quality managers, and know-how carriers ask themself this question every day. To massively reduce travel costs and to increase work productivity SHARE offers the solution to transform and digitize remote processes in the areas of maintenance, field service, and quality.

oculavis SHARE for smartphones offers the following advantages:

  • Contacting experts around the globe at any time
  • Knowledge sharing in realtime
  • Full HD video and audio streams
  • Augmented reality
  • Documentation with checklists, pictures, and videos
  • Additional apps for smart glasses on request

oculavis SHARE- The new way of remote collaboration

oculavis SHARE enables hands-fee collaboration with smart glasses

oculavis SHARE - Save travel costs and time

Video calls made for remote problem solving. Highest quality - even in low bandwidth environments. Remote Support with Video Calls includes: Full HD video and audio calls, Many-to-many communication, Augmented reality annotations, Whiteboard functionality on top of a frozen stream, Full hardware control of camera, microphone and flashlight.

Knowledge Management

Asset Identification

Roles & Permissions

  • Create cases to capture knowledge that is generated in video calls
  • Screenshots and video recordings including annotations
  • Face pixelation of persons who were accidentally captured
  • Asynchronous communication with chats, hashtags for classification and many more
  • Export cases as PDF or connect with our powerful API to integrate with existing applications
  • Identification of machinery & equipment with QR codes or Bluetooth Beacons
  • Connection of physical assets with our digital remote support solution
  • Provide documents and step-by-step guidance right at the scene of action
  • Create digital machine files and store the knowledge of past service work
  • Start a remote support session right from the problem spot
  • Create teams and users and assign them to assets or cases
  • Define individual permissions for such teams or users
  • Invite external users like suppliers and customers to participate in a service or maintenance case
  • Single Sign-On through third-party applications and automatic assignment of roles and permissions

oculavis SHARE - Connect to the world!

oculavis SHARE connects experts and technicians around the globe by using mobile devices like smart glasses, tablets or smart phones.