Search Project Specification

Specifications down to the finest detail

Knowledge Focus can design your search implementation down to the finest detail, so that your business has the piece-of-mind and complete certainty of the project before any installation is done. Our system architects have extensive knowledge of enterprise search applications and business technology ecosystems, ensuring that our search specifications are robust and can cater for your business’ unique requirements.

Using a detailed project specification, a search implementation project can be executed with complete confidence that all the outlined objectives will be achieved. Combined with our project architectural services, our specifications ensure that whatever the plan entails runs in the right environment and on the right infrastructure. Our consultants will spend time to educate themselves on the inner workings of your business to ensure that the search project specification works to your advantage.

Overview of our project specification and architectural services

Our system architects & search engineers typically workshop the scope of work with your business, in order to fully understand your requirements. These workshops involve the key role players in your organization meeting with our search consultants to uncover all of the business requirements and infrastructure details.

Our project specification and architectural services ensure that:

  • all your business requirements are met
  • all business concerns are addressed
  • the system is outlined in detail, so that all the components, integrations and plans are fully known and understood

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