Search Based Applications

What are search-based Applications?

Search-based applications flip the decades-old tradition of database-centred application development by providing unified information access and analytics with powerful search and indexing technologies, coupled with standard web technologies. The result is a single, astonishingly scalable platform ideally suited to diverse, distributed Big Data environments.

Search-based applications bring unprecedented agility, performance and usability to a wide variety of mission-critical business processes, including Big Data solution, business applications, information management, e-Business and enterprise search.


  • Unprecedented agility
  • Astonishingly scalable
  • Lower cost than conventional solutions
  • High Usability

The components of our search-based applications

At the core of our search-based applications is Elasticsearch, a powerful search engine that is designed to search and analyze data in real time. The engine is built on top of the Apache Lucene information retrieval library, which provides it with the robust features and high performance required to bring exceptional speed and intelligence to a search-based application.

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