Elasticsearch Consultation and Advisory Services

Strategically achieve your business goals by embracing search

Search applications can optimise your day-to-day operations, changing the way in which you interact with data. The adoption of search applications can be an intimidating thought for any business, which is why Knowledge Focus offers world-class Elasticsearch consultation with expert search consultants that can guide you through the entire process. Whether your business is new to search or already has search deployed in one way or another, our consultants can help you build on your current applications or design new ones.

Overview of our Elasticsearch consultation and advisory services

Our consultants can assist you with project design, execution, management and support.

In the design phase, our search consultants will meet with the key role players in your company in order to:

  • understand your company’s objectives and goals
  • better understand your data, technology ecosystem, information strategies, etc.
  • strategise on search use cases
  • address concerns relating to search applications and implementations
  • make recommendations based on what we have learnt.

Following the design phase, we are happy to work with your existing technical teams in order to increase capacity during implementation or perform the implementation ourselves. We can also manage these projects form their onset to their completion.

Lastly, we offer support packages to ensure you have local support should it be required. Our support packages are tailored to offer you the response times you require when a fault is reported and are accompanied by hourly bundles to suit your application. The services typically performed as part of our support packages include:

  • Application Monitoring
  • Application maintenance (upgrades, patches, etc.)
  • Facility to report faults and local resource to troubleshoot fix problems
  • Monthly reporting
  • Minor system enhancements
  • Assistance or guidance in operations or development of search application.

The complete power of the Elastic Stack

Our consultants are well versed with conventional business systems, providing them with a good understanding of the effort involved with implementing a search system in your organisation. Our consultants are experts in the Elastic Stack and other open source and licensed alternatives. They will be able to give you the best possible advice before, during and after the deployment of these products into your environment.

Our services cover the entirety of the Elastic Stack, including:

For more information on the Elastic product Stack, please see our Elastic Stack product page, or read more on Elastic and their products via their website.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with an Elasticsearch consultant, please fill in the form or visit our Contact Us page.

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