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What is Kafka and why do I need Kafka Consultation?

The technology environment that keeps your business running can be complicated. It can have many moving parts, each producing or consuming massive amounts of data or events. Messaging and stream processing systems form the glue between all these moving parts and provide a reliable, fault tolerant and massively scalable mechanism to build real-time streaming data pipelines to transport data between systems or applications. One of the leading distributed streaming platforms is Kafka which has been widely adopted in South Africa as the technology of choice. Expert consultation services on Kafka are however in short supply in South Africa. Having worked in the same operating environment as Kafka for many years, we are excited to officially offer Kafka consultation services.

Whether your goal is to plan a new Kafka deployment, maintain your existing cluster, or build, integrate and process your streams, our expert consultants are equipped with the skills to guide and assist with the implementation of your solutions.

A brief overview of our Kafka Services

  • Application Architecture, Design and Optimisation
    Our team consists of expert Kafka consultants who will assist you in designing a solution from the ground up to suit your specifications. The service includes expert advice on best practices, future proofing, and optimizing the performance of your Kafka clusters.
  • Cluster Maintenance
    Should your existing Kafka clusters require upgrades or maintenance, a consultant from our team can assist.
  • Building and processing streams
    Our team of Kafka consultants will work with you to build your data streaming pipelines and can also assist with stream processing requirements..
  • Integration with external systems
    By using Kafka Connect Source and Sink Connectors we can help you integrate your Kafka Streams with external systems such as databases, key-value stores, search indexes such as Elasticsearch, and file systems.

To book a consultation session or to learn more about our Kafka Consultation Service Offering, please fill in the form or visit our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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