Application Performance Managment (APM) built with Elastic

Introduction to Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

The best thing about building an app is knowing that people use it. Even better than that would be to know how people use it, how the app is performing for those users and exactly where the issues lie. Application Performance Management gives your development team insight into important application metrics, enabling them to react faster to high demand or to pick up bottlenecks and problems. Four lines of code is all it takes to make use of Elasticsearch APM.

Elasticsearch and APM

Having Elasticsearch-based APM means that you can respond to problems and events in real-time. Using a dedicated APM dashboards in Kibana, you can zero in on problems, events and bottlenecks in your application like never before. Go all the way down to the code-level, where problematic code can be highlighted for more efficiency and shorter development cycles. With data shipping to Elasticsearch and visualised in Kibana, your application metrics can be used together with all of your other data, like infrastructure logs, security data and more.

See how your app is being used

Distributed tracing allows you to string actions together to visualise the flow of traffic through your app and infrastructure. Find out where latency is rearing its head and at what stage problems arise, making it easier to optimize your weak points.

Developer friendly

Elastic APM ships with support for many program languages, and if you can’t find it, use the open source community. Out of the box support for Java, Go, Node,js, Python, Ruby, .NET and Real User Monitoring (Javascript).

More detail with Elastic commercial features

Expand functionality with Elastic commercial features, including:

  • Use machine learning to pick up abnormal behaviour
  • Set up alerts to notify you as soon as something happens

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