Business Intelligence

Make better decisions with business analytics

Your decisions are only as good as the data that you have to base them on. Using lightning fast indexing and nearly endless data sources, our business analytics and intelligence solution takes the guesswork out of important decisions. Using the Elastic Stack, your data can be visualised, analysed and acted upon within seconds of events occurring.

Here are some areas where BA will give insight and intelligence for better decision making:

  • Retail Ops: total data control from your store, from supply chain all the way to point-of-sale. Pull data from everywhere that matters into Elasticsearch and analyse it in Kibana.
  • Web Analytics: move away from data silos and centralise your web analytics. Ship data from all your platforms using Filebeat and analyse in Kibana.
  • Financial Services: bring together data from all of your financial management platforms to perform risk analysis, track spending and manage investment funds.
  • Sales Pipeline: Track feedback in real-time from sales, user activity, inventory and in-progress sales.

Centralise data

Your business data comes from many sources – but your business analytics can happen in one space. Bring everything together from social media data to unique KPIs to gain insight, discover trends and understand your business with a holistic view.

Decisions at the speed of data

Elasticsearch is all about speed – so as soon as the data is available, you’ll be able to visualise it, regardless of how many sources you’ve got available. The Elastic Stack is famous for scaling from millions to billions, so it can scale along with your business. 

Explore your data with rich reports

Kibana’s dynamic dashboarding & visualisation functionality transforms indexed data into interactive and insightful views and metrics. Discover hidden trends and insights, look at your KPIs from a different angle and set new goals. With all of that at your fingertips, you can create rich, relevant reports for your entire team. 

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