Log Analytics with Logstash and the Elastic Stack

Leverage the power of log analytics on log data to keep your competitive edge

Log analytics and data has never been more critical to your business than it is today, but there are many challenges facing the effective exploitation of log data in your business. Logs reside in many different business systems with many different formats, which makes aggregating the log data a costly and time intensive exercise. Many analytical tools require that data be fed to them in specific formats, which do not always end up being the same format that your logs are stored in. Regardless of the hurdles that log data presents, it is still something that needs to be harnessed to your business’ advantage.

Logs can reveal what your applications are doing and how they are being used, so that your business can have a better idea of what opportunities are available to it. Valuable insights are embedded within log data, that can help your business make better decisions and stay agile, regardless of the business size.

Using the right set of tools, log analytics can be performed over log data to reveal how your users use your applications and how the applications are performing.

The Benefits of Log Analytics:

  • Uncover hidden insights from application and website logs
  • Provide near real-time indexing as soon as new data is available
  • Combine log data from many different business system formats
  • Identify potential problems early and streamline operations by indexing network, machine data, Syslog and many other log data sources.
  • Scalable from only a few files to billions
  • Drill down into specific details using the Logs UI for a centralised console-like experience.

The components of our log analytics solution

At the core of our log analytics solution is Logstash, a powerful open-source logging platform that is designed analyze log data in real time. This platform has out-of-the-box support for common data sources, including Apache, MYSQL, Windows and system logs. Custom modules can be built to accommodate more data sources, or can be found with the help of the Elastic community. Data can be indexed to Elasticsearch, and results from the log data can be queried in real-time.

Our solution is able to collect, enrich and transport data to uncover the insights locked inside your log files. Logstash enables the centralization of data processing, using a robust library of plugins to connect to a variety of sources to a central analytics system. Logstash has no problems in normalizing varying schemas, parsing data from many different business system data formats.

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