Metrics Analytics solution built with Elastic

Analyse all your infrastructure metrics in one place

Your infrastructure Metrics could come from anywhere – servers, Docker containers, Kubernetes orchestration, application telemetry and more. Collecting, visualising, exploring, alerting and detecting anomalies on these metrics, across all the various sources, can be challenging. This task is made easy with our Metrics Analytics solution which uses the Elastic Stack at its core. The Elastic Stack comprises of everything you need to quickly and easily extract, ship, store, visualise and analyse your metrics, quickly and easily.

The key Elastic Stack components of this solution are Metricbeat, Elasticsearch and Kibana which are all part of the open source stack. Metricbeat is one of many beats components provided by the stack and has all the modules you will require built in to extract and ship your infrastructure metrics to Elasticsearch to be indexed, stored and analysed. Kibana forms the visualisation layer where you can create powerful interactive dashboards to explore your data by creating time series charts based on the aggregations of your choice.

For additional value the Elastic commercial products can be plugged in which adds powerful features such as Machine Learning for anomaly detection, alerting functionality and more.

Examples of metrics data that can be pulled into Elastic includes:

  • IOT/Telemetry data
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Container Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring

Explore your data exactly like you’d want to

Elastic provides dashboards and visualisations out of the box to get you started but also offer you the flexibility to explore your data exactly how you like. You can quickly and easily build your own visualisations in Kibana using whatever attributes you want. Then you can incorporate these into dashboards and build machine learning jobs to spot anomalies.

Speed and scale to match your data

Elasticsearch has always been known for its scalability and with the addition of new data types, BKD trees and columnar stores, accessing your data at massive scale has become even faster and more efficient. This means faster searches with considerably less memory and disk usage.

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