Security analytics solution built on Elastic

Why Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)?

If the last decade has shown us anything, it was that information security is mission critical. Threats have popped up everywhere, and they have become more cunning with every passing attack. Countless resources and effort goes into keeping your information safe and secure, but threats always seem to be one step ahead. Enter Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). By having a security analytics solution in place, your business can respond to threats faster and keep up with the pace of impending threats. 

This is everything you love about the Elastic Stack, but geared towards (SIEM).

Respond faster with SIEM

At the core of our security analytics solution is Elasticsearch and it’s schema-on-write architecture, enabling your security personnel to query security data in real-time. With that kind of speed, there will be no tedious processing or number crunching before you have actionable data to work with. This limits the time that the threat has to wreak havoc on your internal systems and drastically reduces the time-to-information.

Have a holistic view

The scale of Elasticsearch enables your analysts to have a holistic view of your business’ environment, spotting potential threats from anywhere that they may come from. Elasticsearch rips through petabytes of data, so all of your systems can be added to the security analytics solution, including firewalls, detection systems, web proxies, etc. Additionally, the solution can cater for long-term data retention, where threats can’t hide behind long incubation periods to avoid detection

Ingest security data from anywhere

Pre-built Beats integrations enable you to quickly ingest data from anywhere: network infrastructure, endpoint agents, or any source that could be considered useful for your security needs. And if you don’t see the integration you need, collaborate with the Elastic community to find or build it. That’s open source for the win.

With SIEM, SecOps and threat hunting are a collaborative effort

The Elastic SIEM app is an interactive workspace for security teams to triage events and perform initial investigations. Monitor for threats, gather evidence on an interactive timeline, pin and annotate relevant events, and forward potential incidents to ticketing and SOAR platforms.

Automated anomaly detection

Take your security analytics to the next level with Elastic commercial features and Machine Learning & Graph analytics. Human-assisted machine learning can assist with automating tedious repetitive tasks for your analysts and point out new events that might not have been picked up. To learn more about the subscription-based commercial features and machine learning, check out this page.

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