Site search and App Search based on the Elastic Stack

Elastic Site Search

Elastic Site Search, which is backed by Elastisearch, allows you to easily crawl and add powerful search capabilities to your website. The crawler will ensure your search is kept up to date as your website content changes and advanced analytics and customisation features will give you the tools you need to control the search experience and relevance of your results.

Features of the advanced search algorithm:

Relevant results are key to a great search experience and by using Elasticsearch’s advanced search capabilities such as spelling correction, phrase matching, synonyms, stemming, bigram matching and more, you will easily be able to deliver results your users are expecting.

Better yet, relevance tuning such as ranking adjustments, synonyms, field weightings and more can be done directly from a simple user interface using tools provided out of the box.

Autocomplete for quicker navigation

Get your users to the right content before they’ve even finished typing their query by using autocomplete. This provides a modern, intuitive and contextual search experience for your users.

Faceted Search

Facets (or filters) enables your users to filter through results by selecting relevant topics in the filter sidebar. Instantly get rid of clutter and irrelevant results by filtering on attributes such as date, price, location, content type or any custom attributes that you can think of.

Fine-tune search results

Elastic Site Search has the ability to modify the search output of specific queries ensuring that your search results always match your content. If you’re worried that important results aren’t being served to your user base for  specific queries, simply fine-tune the search output to your liking. You even have the power to influence how certain attributes impact a result’s relevance. 

Real-time indexing

Elasticsearch is fast. Really fast. Results are updated in real-time, so that you always have the freshest results and additions in your search output. Content can be indexed manually with the Swiftype dashboard, or it can be automatically added to the index as soon as it is created with the Swiftype premium plan.

Real-time search API

Elastic has made search very easily accessible from anywhere in your organization, using a JSON-based REST API. It is very easy to use with curl or any language with a JSON parser and HTTP client. Cross-domain search requests are easily achieved with the read-only public API, which does not require you to tunnel through your server.

Elastic App Search

Your app is only as useful as the information that it provides. Ensure that your users find what they are looking for with as little effort as possible with Elastic App Search. Thousands of apps already use Elastic to power their results, including Yelp, Wikipedia, Tinder and

Elastic App Search is designed to make everything, from the ingestion of content, using one of the many well maintained API’s, to searching the data from any application straightforward.

Elastic App search provides the building blocks for creating a powerful app search experience whether it be a web app, mobile app, Ecommerce or even dashboard search.

Unmatched Speed and Scale

Even the most complicated of queries that milliseconds to run in Elasticsearch, making even a petabyte of data accessible very quickly to your users. The solution is ideal for starting small and scaling horizontally, so that your app search capabilities grows along with your business. 

Relevance and actionable insights

You have full control over your app’s search experience and insight into user behaviour. By using Elastic App Search analytics you will have the insights you need to know what is working and what needs to be improved. Easily tune everything from relevancy, text analysis, query optimization and boosted results. Get to know your users, what they’re looking for, and what they’ll look for next.

Various relevance models can be used along with advanced search capabilities such as spelling correction, bigram matching, stemming, synonyms, field weighting, boosts and more in order to achieve the desired results. Even better, you can calibrate all of this by using a simple, intuitive interface.


Elasticsearch ships with a simple, consistent query language and uses standard RESTful APIs and JSON. It also has a lot of love for language clients like Python, Ruby, .NET, Java and more, so that your developers can interact with Elastic in any way that they feel comfortable with.

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