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Elastic 6.0 is officially GA, and to celebrate, the launch will be streamed live in a virtual event on the 6th of December at 18:00 SAST. If you’d like to watch the event live, register using the button below (if you don’t manage to watch the event, Elastic will send you the recorded version if you’re registered). Afterwards, Elastic has their engineering and support team on hand for a virtual Ask-Me-Anything session so that you can get all those burning questions answered.

Here are some of the features that you can look forward to in Elastic 6.0:

  • Save disk space (and storage costs) with support for sparse fields in Elasticsearch
  • Export your Kibana searches to CSV files in a single click
  • Monitor Docker and Kubernetes deployments with new modules in Metricbeat
  • Track your Logstash pipelines in a single pane with the new Central Management UI
  • Create and manage alerts with ease with the new threshold-based Alerting UI

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